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About the scheme


The Big London Energy Switch is a collective switching scheme run by a number of councils in London.


  • Input your energy consumption information using a recent energy bill or annual statement
  • Get an email about your registration and keep a record of your registration number.
  • If you need assistance contact the helpline on 0800 048 8112
Register your interest here Register your interest here

Wait – the LOWEST energy price wins

  • Energy companies offer prices for the collective – a one day auction takes place
  • The company offering the lowest energy price wins


  • The new energy prices are compared to your current energy use and price
  • Your offer is based on the energy details you submitted when registering

You CHOOSE – ACCEPT or not  there is no obligation to switch

  • You need to let us know if you want to switch
  • Sit back and wait while the switch is started – please note the new supplier will conduct their own checks before completing the switch


  • Your new energy company will send you a welcome pack
  • YOU Send them a meter reading to start your new contract
  • Contact your new energy company for assistance
  • Start saving – please note actual saving depend on how you use energy as well
  • make sure not to waist energy in the home


  • Improve the registration – get your energy bills or ‘annual energy statement’ for details about how much you pay and how much energy you use (your current energy tariff and consumption).
  • Your offer will be compared with the information you provide about your current energy costs and usage.
  • There is no obligation to switch
  • Savings are not guaranteed