Auction results

The Big London Energy Switch is a collective energy switching scheme in which a large group of local authorities throughout Great Britain join together. These councils collectively offer their residents the opportunity to group together and pay less for their energy. The more people who take part, the greater our chances of getting a competitive energy deal!

We are pleased to announce that a successful auction has taken place on 12 February.

Octopus Energy has won the Dual Fuel online contracts.

E.ON has won the Electricity Only online category and the Dual Fuel, Electricity Only paper billing contracts.

E.ON has also won the Prepayment contracts.

The winning suppliers, E.ON and Octopus Energy, are the ones that made the lowest offers in our auction. We are not affiliated to any supplier. You will receive an email from 25 February onwards with an offer, based on the usage information, billing preference and contract type you have submitted. You are under no obligation unless you decide to switch.

If you decide to accept the offer you need to do so before 26 March 2019 .

We then take care of the entire switch for you, meaning the whole thing is as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible.